Archive | August 2012

Life and Death

This is my first post and as I begin I’m aware of the wind & rain, the deluge of small leaves like tears falling from my Schizolobium. She is always the last to shed her skirt, as though not totally comprehending that the end is here.  As I sit with my feet on the cold riverstones that pave my outdoor sitting area I’m experiencing a deep sadness. This morning I heard that an old friend had died. Old as in I’d known her for a long time; at her death she was 50, so not old,old. I watch the leaves falling & know that we aren’t always keen to acknowledge the end; a family gathered to sit vigil, along with all the dynamics that come uninvited. The loss is inevitable and just like the Schizolobium it still requires a good breeze that shakes & stirs to bring the truth to light. Finally we are left with a carpet of leaves to rake & broken hearts to mend. I take heed of the message in those falling leaves & I let my own tears loose. They too get blown by the wind; as my vision clears I see a wee flower, one that wasn’t there before & I remember that after death comes life. So farewell, my friend and may your spirit be swept up into the waiting embrace of the loving Source. I take a deep breath & give thanks for the life blood that falls all around, for the cleansing wind the transforms the garden as I watch & the understanding that all will be renewed.


Hello world!

Welcome visitors! This is my first foray into the blogging world and I’m sure it will be an adventure. Finding my way around the technology is major brain gym so I guess keeping up with the fast pace of technological change is one reason I’m here. More than that though, is my need to express my experiences of life, love an all it means to be human through the medium of my garden. It is here that I feel most able to express my creativity and also feel that deep connection to what I call Spirit, the Source. As I journey through life I’m mindful that I always have this beautiful, peaceful and totally accepting place to come home to. Please feel free to journey with me and share your own experiences.