The Space Between

Today as I worked hacking my way through an overgrowth of camellia hedge I looked around at all the pruning I’d already done & noticed the spaces between plants; spaces that had emerged out of the foliage as it was clipped away. At first I felt sad at how ‘bald’ everything looked. Then as I kept looking I saw something that has always been there but that I hadn’t really ‘seen’ before; I saw the space between the plants.  Sounds silly really, talking about the space, its just something we take for granted. Yet, without it we could not ‘see’ those plants individually.  Without the space between them my plants would all blur together and be lost in one another. This is a strange thing, that to have individuality we need separation and yet, as I create space in my garden the blur becomes a whole again. The space connects all that exists within it; the nothing makes everything feel right. Now the breeze has places to blow through, the sun & rain have room to shed their light & moisture. New growth can occur, beauty emerge where before there was only confusion. I found myself breathing more fully, my sadness faded as I recognised the joy of connectedness that existed between me & my plants & beyond into the natural world surrounding us, all mediated by this wonderful unacknowledged space.


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