Tsunami of Love

Having been away for a few days, I’m now back to noticing all the work still awaiting my attention. Feelings of frustration jockey for position with a relief to be here in the peace and unfolding that is Spring. If I feel into the frustration I find that underneath it is a huge reservoir of excitement; my human need to have things under control is thwarted by the energy of the garden. As my body picks up on that energy the timeless battle ensues – the ego demanding that certain things must be done “now!” in an ordered fashion as reason and logic dictate. The heart knows better; she feels the pull of Spring, the upward force that pushes sap from way down in its winter home to the tops of high branches. She demands I let go my frustration at things undone and be present to the glory that is unfolding daily. As I write I feel the foolishness of my egoic perspective. For Nature there is no time, no rules about tidyness and order. There is only an ongoing process of creating and destroying, new leaves following bare branches; flowers being pollinated and dying, their pollen being transformed into food for new bees, their nectar into honey. Death into life, from the tiniest micro-organism to the Kauri forest giants. Should I cease to be here, still she will continue and so I understand now that I am to allow myself to be swept up in that wondrous tsunami of love energy. She will carry me along without any effort from me; what needs to happen, will happen and she will bless us all with her beauty.


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