The eternal question, who am I? I’m never quite sure how to answer this, it’s as thought there are different answers for different situations. My journey is to discover the truth of who I am as in “I am a living embodiment of divine love in the world”. As I travel along the Way I also inhabit numerous roles; as Mother to two grown up children, wife to my third husband and friend to some very special people, all of whom it is a privilege to know. I have two sets of parents. I have a grandson. I am an only child & have two brothers. I am a mystery to myself at times. I live in a very beautiful place that sometimes feels like an oasis and sometimes, a desert.  My life is coloured with many hues, like a finely woven tapestry with a number of threads still lose on the loom. Plants and flowers especially, inhabit my world infusing it with colour texture and perfume. It is in my garden I feel most connected to Spirit, her unheard voice speaking gently and sometimes, loudly, inspiring me with her Wisdom.  As I journey on I invite you to journey with me; we are all heading in the same direction and it is a joy to have company.


3 thoughts on “About

    • How wonderful of you, that is so heartwarming! I’ve had a really challenging week and you have lifted my spirits with your kindness; many blessings back to you Ilona.

    • Hi Ilona, I’ve just read your latest post and since you have been kind enough to nominate me for an award I’m now thinking ,wow, is this what I have to do? I’m not very au fait with the blogging world so can you clarify? I don’t think I even follow 10 blogs….. maybe I do, I just read them and enjoy the sharing. I feel a bit naïve now…maybe this is all written down somewhere and I’ve missed it, oh my goodness! Cheers Imago

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