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Peace Be With You.


Oh reluctant travellers

Tho’ you shy many times from the path,

It is only through the fiery gateway of your own suffering

That you can reach the garden of peace.




Dance of the Seven Veils

Quercus bonesAutumn’s glory sheds her skirts
the veil of grey sky protects her
as, Artemis-like, she bathes
in the gentle morning rain.
Layer by layer her skirts float off
carried by a playful zephyr
exposing daily, more and more of her
beautiful bone structure.
Soon she will stand naked,
proud before all eyes
and wait, quiescent
knowing that the eternal tailor
has a new spring range
designed especially for her.

Wise man, that Rumi.

“Though destiny a hundred times waylays you, in the end it pitches a tent for you in Heaven.  It is God’s loving kindness to terrify you, in order to lead you to his Kingdom of safety.”  Rumi
Every time I read this I think of how painfully circuitous my journey has been and I’m humbly grateful for God’s ineffable patience.  Although, as Rumi points out it is the role of destiny to waylay us; our part is to embody the divine  patience. All around me I have the exemplar of this divine patience in my garden. Years of being unwell have led to so much neglect that now I’m facing a major restoration. Having assessed what needs doing and believe me, there’s plenty, I begin to feel sad at how things have gotten to such a pass. Yet, everywhere around me life continues, albeit in a somewhat crowded manner! Plants jostle shoulders as they reach for the light, knowing inherently how to find it, even in difficult circumstances. This is a great lesson for me, reminding me that I too, can always find the light with a strong faith. And where there is faith, there’s hope. So I follow the garden’s lead and stay present to the possibilities that a day or a week of working to restore equilibrium will bring. (More like a year…)  I sense a forgiving nature amongst my floriferous creatures, a gentle waiting for my return. All this is promised in the unfurling of a fern-frond. This loving attitude inspires me to use my newly returned energy in reciprocation. The journey has been circuitous; it did terrify me. I’m sure destiny has more such excursions planned. Right now I’m enjoying the caravanserai of Spring, which although impermanent, is a taste of things to come.